Kverneland MULTIRATE – For Easy and Cost Effective Spreading

Efficient nutrient management of crops is an important factor to run a profitable business. Increasing productivity and output requires more precision in farming. It is getting more and more important to apply multiple rates within a working width. In order to spread the right amount of fertiliser at a specific place there is a need to have a different rate within the working width.

Kverneland MULTIRATE – For Easy and Cost Effective Spreading

The Kverneland GEOSPREAD spreaders can move the spreading pattern depending on the requested application rate per section. Depending on the field variation and variable application map, up to 8 rate sections can be used. This means a more accurate application of nutrients to have a better nutrient efficiency, better yield and reduce costs.

 To be able to use MULTIRATE you have to convert a satellite or soil map into an ISO-XML file. Download the Variable Rate map into the terminal and you are ready to spread with MULTIRATE with 2 up to 8 rates.

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